Ionic PWA - Cordova !?

So you have the PWA already installed on your homescreen and started from there?

Yes… development completed and its on the QA cycle…

Its also raised as one bug by our QA team.


Have you tried deeplinking? I think that could help you with the window history on the browser.

Can you create a simple reproduction app with one of the starters and host it somewhere so we can play with it? I think there is no PWA starter right now for Ionic :confused:

Actually I am not trying this option in our actual app. I created a simple ionic tabs app and as you said installed all the required plugins like…

ionic cordova platform add browser
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-backbutton
ionic cordova build browser --prod

And also added the event - platform.registerBackButtonAction() in my component.ts file as mentioned above. But the problem is I am not able to capture the device back button event at all.

All I am trying to do is capturing the back button event which will display the console.log(‘clicked*’);

Once this happens then we can add the required code inside the event handler.


One observation here is… within the app shell (coming from home screen icon) I can able to control the device back button and can control the navigation stack. But when I directly accessing the mobile site from the browser then I can’t able to control the device back button.


Get Ionic starter template for pwa at Already configured with google workbox.