Ionic Push using Ruby


Greeting and salutations everyone!

I’m using the new ionic push service, it works great! I have tested it using the CLI and the Dash, and now I’m trying to build a module within my server (Ruby on Rails) to send the notifications.

The docs have a pretty neat example of how to do it using Python and urllib2. My question is: Does anybody have the equivalent example using Ruby?

I was thinking httparty or Net/Http would probably do the trick, but I don’t know how to correctly assemble the POST request (with all the params, etc)

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Hey there. So you may want to ask in our io-services gitter chat room.


Thank you @mhartington, I was actually able to solve the problem using Httparty!


@jlstr do you have a code example of the call you made using HTTParty?



Absolutely, here you go:

module Ionic
class PushService
include HTTParty
base_uri ‘

def initialize user_id, device_token
  @auth = { username: ENV['IONIC_APP_SECRET_KEY'] }
  @headers =  { 'Content-Type' => 'application/json', 'X-Ionic-Application-Id' => ENV['IONIC_APP_ID'] }
  @device_token = device_token
def one_time_notification message
  raise 'device token not found' and return if @device_token.nil?
  options = {}
  body = { :'tokens' => [ @device_token ], :'notification' => { :'alert' => message } }.to_json
  options.merge!({ :body => body }).merge!({ :basic_auth => @auth }).merge!({ :headers => @headers })'/api/v1/push', options)


Then I call it like this:, device_token).one_time_notification ‘The message’

Please be kind to change the module/class names, this is my production code :smile:

Have a nice day!


Thanks so much, yeah absolutely, really just having a problem authenticating and wanted to see how someone else was doing it in ruby. Thanks so much!


No problem!

Actually, Let me know how it goes because the code I’ve posted there is working well, but I’m having an issue where not all the users that I register for push using $ionicPush are successfully receiving/generating an ios device_token. Let me know If you stumble upon the same problem.

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Will do, I am pretty early on in development but have this thread bookmarked now and will report back soon. Cheers!


Update: the problem I mentioned appears to be related to the apple certificate only. That’s good and bad news I guess.


yeah, so far, i haven’t ran into any problems. Thanks for the info though


Im Very happy now :’)
So many Thanks :blush: :wink: