Ionic push notification taking too long to be received by the device


I’m using Ionic push service, and it’s working. My concern is that the time between my server posting the notification (with an ok from the Ionic API, saying “message queued”) and the arriving of the notification in my device varies too much, from 1 second to 5 or more minutes!

Is it the designed behavior? Is there any way to control this time, reducing it?



You could use Fiddler (or any similar software depending on your server platform) to monitor incoming and outgoing data. This way you can calculate how much time is required for a sucesfull push.


Sorry, but my server just call Ionic push API with a post. As described, the post returns ok, and the server does not participate of the process.
What I need is to know if a time variation between 1 second and 5 minutes is “normal”.