Ionic Push - Maddening


I’ve been trying to get Ionic Push working on a physical device for a while, and I cannot seem to make it happen. I followed the tutorials to a “T,” and no dice on the phone. I debugged via Safari and I’m seeing this error when I run $ionicPush.register:

Error: undefined is not a function (evaluating ‘$window.plugins.pushNotification.register(function (token) {
}, function (error) {
}, config)’)

At first I thought maybe its because I didn’t include the PushNotification.js link in my index.html, but when I include that I still get the error. Do I even need to include it? Does it need to be included in a specific order?


Nevermind. I had installed Pushwoosh and the plugins were conflicting - Pushwoosh has a method named “registerDevice,” not “register” so my register call was tanking.


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