Ionic push iOS handle loc-key parameter

I have a native application on production that is being rebuilt using Ionic. When sending push to this application in a certain situation the server (for iOS) uses a loc-key parameter.

loc-key: A key to an alert-message string in a Localizable.strings file for the current localization (which is set by the user’s language preference). The key string can be formatted with %@ and %n$@ specifiers to take the variables specified in the loc-args array. See Localized Formatted Strings for more information. (
Is there any plugin that creates Localizable.strings to handle this situation?

For now I’m using “ionic build ios”, then I open the project on XCode and create manually the Localizable.strings. I tried to find a way to automatize this step but I had no success. This application is being built by a Jenkins, but the release version need to be built manually because of this.

Additional info: This application is using phonegap-plugin-push