Ionic Push does not show message in lock screen and notifications

I have setup the ionic push in for IOS.
And I can see my app in and I tried to send one time notification with development IOS Certificate with Device token like “DEV-d06ef529-1de7-4a3f-988d-ebd3de7a3cbd”.

And I did receive a message inside the app itself like a popup.

HOWEVER, I see nothing when in lock screen and nothing in the Apple IOS’s notification like the other apps.

I want it to show here…

That is by definition as you are still using dev_push true: Documentation - Ionic Documentation Development mode should actually be called “fake mode” as this is not real push, but the app is just asking the server every x seconds if there is a message it should show. The OS is not involved in any way.

When you change to dev_push false you should also see the notification in the OS.

Thank you for the clarification!

I’ll try it out.