Ionic Push device not registering


I followed the docs, uploaded the certificates to and I want to register my device, but I keep getting this error:

2016-09-20 22:52:55.457533 pushTest[4479:1056972] Push Plugin register called
2016-09-20 22:52:55.457626 pushTest[4479:1056972] PushPlugin.register: setting badge to false
2016-09-20 22:52:55.457651 pushTest[4479:1056972] PushPlugin.register: clear badge is set to 0
2016-09-20 22:52:55.457667 pushTest[4479:1056972] PushPlugin.register: better button setup
2016-09-20 22:52:55.466465 pushTest[4479:1056972] GCM Sender ID (null)
2016-09-20 22:52:55.466554 pushTest[4479:1056972] Using APNS Notification
2016-09-20 22:52:55.488816 pushTest[4479:1056925] Push Plugin register failed
2016-09-20 22:52:56.917366 pushTest[4479:1056925] active
2016-09-20 22:52:56.917508 pushTest[4479:1056925] PushPlugin skip clear badge

I’m trying this on my iPhone. I used the docs from here:
I do get a notification to allow push notifications.
Already tried to register a user and that works.
Also saw ‘switch to development profile in xcode’ but still not working.


I’m experiencing the exact same problem. On top of that I am getting 500 errors from Ionics Facebook login callback.

I noticed they updated some things today. Expect there are a few bugs going around.

Thomas, from looking at GitHub issue tracking this appears to be an iOS10 and Xcode 8 entitlements issues. You now need to explicitly declare push in the .entitlements file. See issue here

Push Error Github

Thanks dude! It works!
I can register but no notification received, next step now! :smiley:

Check push certificates are correct. Anything run on a device from Xcode will use development certificates. Once in TestFlight and on the store you will need to migrate to production certificates.

Push will also only work if your app is closed or sleeping. To show notifications when the app is open you will need the ngCrodova Local Notification plugin.