Ionic push - but all of my users will have their own servers?

Hello, I have developed an app that will soon be in the App Store.

My conundrum is as follows: The app I am developing will be used by folks who install their own “servers”. This is for an open source home security system. I have developed an Event Server that is open source and will sit along with the home security server.

My goal now is to put it some code in that event server that is capable of sending push notifications to my app. Note that the server is open source, so whatever I code is public.

Obviously, I can’t start distributing my APNS certs as that would be a violation of terms with apple. So in this situation, does ionic push help?

I noticed even with ionic push you need to put in your secret key. So how do I go about asking all the folks who want to use my app to use this infrastructure with their servers?


You get yourself some server somewhere (free or cheapest cloud/vps/appengine whatever you can get ) that will take all incoming push your security app users want to send to their phones and YOU do the pushes from your server.

@boltex thank you. Any recommendations? I don’t want to put in a lot of effort on the server side

I wrote my back end in php on a server that i rent annually on

but if you dont wanna setup and configure a linux server you could just use google appengine, heroku or some other simpler and less expensive option… although i’m not the expert on those matters and i’d like to have someone else’s opinion on that matter also!

@boltex, I finally installed - its the perfect solution for me – does everything I need to including a web interface to create access tokens for specific instances if I want!

Glad you found something! it looks interesting, i did not know about airnotifier i’ll take a look at it! thanks!