Ionic Push Alpha Query

Hi there

I am using the alpha for Ionic Push (which is superb btw xD) - I have the dashboard set up to create new notifications and I am able to send them to my phone from the dashboard by setting a rule to send to devices where user_id contains “PART_OF_USER_ID”.

this is great, but would like to know how I can make it more simplified than this and send to any app that registers for push notifications (in other words - if i don’t set a parameter in step two of creating a push notification, it would send to everyone who has registered.)

i hope I have explained this well enough and that someone might be able to advise me :slight_smile:


Hi there! A suggestion that was given to me was to pass another parameter in your user registration alongside the user_id. For instance, I passed a parameter called “channel” and then you can run a query on all devices registered with that given channel.

Hope this helps!