Ionic pro package failed after successful deploy

Thank you @netexpo. Still doesn’t work for us.

For me neither, on my local machine it now works (had the same issue). Hope that it will be fixed soon.

Thank you @netexpo. But the error persists.

It was my first build for this project and i’m out of ideas for now

Thank you @netexpo, unfortunately also not working for me unless I had my process steps wrong. What I did was updated the build.gradle file directly under platforms/android with the said repositories. After updating I tried building with cordova build --debug android but still gave me the error. Is there any other step I need to follow/run after changing the repositories?

Same error here! I sent today an email to ionic developers with this error.
Meanwhile, does anyone know how to repair it?

Check Android build, likely the same issue and has (somewhat) more info/options that maybe can help. The only thing i did extra was updating Android Studio too, but i don’t think that has something to do with it and will fix nothing on the Ionic packaging side of building.

Same here. I have the same issue since this morning.

Guys, i was able to build!

Edit “\platforms\android\CordovaLib\build.gradle” instead “\platforms\android\build.gradle” and put jcenter() after maven…

repositories {
        maven {
            url ""

That was it, thank you lukas

Was able to build as well but did the following:

  1. Closed Android Studio also had VS closed.
  2. Removed the Android platform.
  3. Add the Android platform again.
  4. Before running any builds open up the \platforms\android\build.gradle and edit the repositories like @netexpo recommended, and save the file.
   repositories {
        maven {
            url ""
  1. Open up your project in Android Studio waited for studio do sync the gradle file, it downloaded a couple of items. After the sync process was completed the file had been build.

Thanks LucasMds it work!

Thanks @lucasmds . It worked.

Brilliant @lucasmds. Worked like charm. You saved my day. :pray:

Any solution when we use a custom CI. Because platforms folder was create for each build.


same problem here :frowning:

I found a solution for my app:

First: I remove Cordova-android plugin and re-install 6.4.0 version

rm -rf platforms/ plugins/
cordova prepare

Install this dependence: cordova-check-plugins and update all cordova plugins

After this actions, app is building working properly on my laptop / ionic pro :=)


I am having the same issue, after applying your given solution that error resolved, but its now giving another error related gradlew

  • Where:

Script ‘/Users/ahsanejaz/Documents/softcircles/phone/ionic/inigrams/code/inigrams/platforms/android/CordovaLib/cordova.gradle’ line: 68

  • What went wrong:

A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:CordovaLib’.

> No installed build tools found. Install the Android build tools version 19.1.0 or higher.

Any idea how to get over it?
Thank you

@lucasmds - that’s awesome - thanks so much.

Check if your build tools are indeed installed.
Open the SDK Manager, go to ‘SDK Tools’ and check the ‘Show Package Details’, you should see all versions.

The next thing i can think of is to check if “platform-tools” and “tools” are in the PATH.

Thanks for reply dude. looked like my path variables were not rightfully pointing to my sdk tools.
In nut shell, i have successfully generated the .apk but it always is showing the device is ready screen which is the index page which is present in the www folder by default, i generated apk by using command “cordova build android --prod” and i have made sure that i am setting my out directory to www in angular 4 project angular-cli.json file. I have have updated the default base route from “/” to “./” in my angular project’s index.html file. Any help would be appreciated.
As I am new to ionic, i don’t know even if i am following the right tutorial for my use case (conversion of angular5 project to android).