Ionic Pro overwrites the version I'm developing on iOS


I’ve successfully installed and configured Ionic Pro and I’ve been using it for a while.

Now I’m developing a new version of my app. I bumped to a higher version number (1.4.0) than the one I’ve deployed on Ionic Pro (1.3.0). But when I test the new version on iOS, it always loads the previous version, i.e., the one found at Ionic Pro, instead the version I’m trying to install at that moment.

It happens on iOS both on “dev” builds as “prod” builds (using --prod --release when generating the project). On Android there’s an alert dialog that allows me to ignore such “update” (at least on dev builds).

Isn’t Ionic Pro smart enough to check if the version number is greater than the one found at Ionic Pro, so it doesn’t overwrite my new version with the old version?


You have to set that yourself for the version you have uploaded. Increase the binary version of your app (via config.xml) and then set the max binary for the deploy you already have to the version before that so it doesn’t get downloaded.


I didn’t know I can set from which binary versions the cloud deployment is aplicable.

Thank you Sujan! It works as expected!

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