Ionic Pro, Ionic v1: Live Deploy

I am confused with “live deploy” definition -" Each device updated once counts as a single live deploy. For the Kickstarter plan, you can have up to 20 updates sent to devices per month. "

Example say I got 1 app and If that app installed say by 50,000 users. If I want to do a update to the app through live update feature then is that going to fail for all of my users for the kickstarter plan as this plan can have to 20 updates. is that correct?

or is it I can do 20 app updates to the app for all my 50000 users?

Could you please clarify?


You are talking about the upcoming Ionic Pro pricing at, correct?

This is how I understood it - 20 different “snapshots” or “versions” of your app can be sent to your users in the Kickstarter plan.

Could you please verify this?
Because until now the policy was to count each new deploy per user not per snapshot.
If the new policy is to count the snapshots and not the actual user update then this is a huge change.
Also, there is a huge change about the channels.
If there is only one channel, then this breaks the whole meaning of have different versions of the apps in different channels of ionic deploy.

Please do that yourself, I am just a community moderator here in the forum and normal community member just as you, I don’t work for Ionic or anything :slight_smile:

I think this would be the appropriate channel:
(or reply to one of the emails about Ionic Pro, if you got them)
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