Ionic Pro: How to add release notes to ionic pro build?

Hello -

I’m using Ionic PRO and will be deploying builds multiple times during the week. Every time I push a new build using the command “git push ionic master”, it auto deploys to the channel and sends out an email notification to the users that I shared the app with.

The email notification contains a release notes section that says, “No release notes provided”. Ionic PRO doesn’t seem to include my comments on the build in the release notes.

I would like to start including release notes as well. In the legacy ionic cloud environment, the ionic upload command would accept a --note option to include notes. Is there a similar command/option in ionic pro to include release notes so that end users know whats in the build?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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While waiting if you get a reply here you should definitely use the support form to ask for an official answer:

Hi guys,

any news on this topic? It still seems to be an issue for me

Have you contacted support and asked them about it?


I did contact Support and they confirmed that “release notes” is not implemented in the Ionic Pro’s deploy feature yet, but it is in the roadmap. Although no timelines were mentioned, they did ask me if it would be beneficial to include the git commit message in the email notification. My answer was yes and I hope this is something they would implement as a temporary workaround.

I will let you know if I hear more.



I agree with this approach… it may get to much technical for testers but at least they can know what has been modified without an hassle for the developer

I agree; this would really be helpful. It would be good enough (or better than nothing) to have the last Git commit message.

Is there an update re this?