Ionic Pro Deploy Not Working for Any Apps

Out of nowhere Ionic deploy just does not work on any apps. I have tried creating new apps and it still does not work when it used to earlier this week. Anybody have an idea?



Iā€™m having the exact same issue. I think part of it is related to the new cordova-plugin-ionic-webview. Resetting it to 1.1.16 at least applies the snapshot, but the snapshot reverts as soon as I kill the app and restart.

So a temporary fix:

Downgrade cordova-plugin-ionic to 4.0.1 and cordova-plugin-ionic-webview to 1.1.16. This at least allows me to keep the deploy snapshot. Still having trouble with WKWebView if I dont kill and restart after an update though.

It appears that something weird is happening with the way they are grabbing upstream uuid: