Ionic-platform-web-client issues with Push &


We were using ionic push to good effect in our iOS and Android apps. Then unexpectedly last Thursday 8th of Oct it just stopped working for iOS.

Our existing app on the app store was still receiving push notifications which makes us believe that our provisioning profile/keys are all working in addition to Ionic Push. However when we built the same code as that in the store on our local machines we cannot get any iOS push’s to work. This leads us to only assume it is something to do with the way the project is getting built having changed (we are building on Ionic CLI 1.6.5).

Out of ideas we are in the process of implementing the new ionic-platform-web-client locally to try and get Push working once more in our dev environment. We can successfully get a user from Ionic.User.current(), however we are getting a 404 when calling:

Completely confused as to where to go from here. Has anyone else experienced a 404 on or push notifications no longer working on iOS?