Ionic platform browser slow scroll on chrome

Hi there,

I have a ionic app that is working on platforms android, ios and browser.

I have a problem with browser platform performance on Chrome.

I have some views with big lists that I populate with infinite scroll.

When I test my app on Safari or Firefox the scrolling is very smooth, everything is perfect, i can infinite scroll as long as i want.

But on Chrome on MacOs after 2 or 3 infinite scroll, when my array contains 150 or 200 items, the scrolling become very slow and after a few additional infinite scroll almost unresponsive, as if the app has been frozen.
On Chrome on Windows it’s better, the scrolling is not super smooth, but the performance is acceptable.

I suspect a css problem. I already applied the fix for ios that consists to remove : active { outline: none; } from main css, I apply it to browser platform but it has no effect on Chrome (it’s probably unrelated).

Do you have any idea how to improve performance on Chrome?


You need to use virtual scroll.
When you DOM huge the app will work slowly.
Look at this.