Ionic / Phonegap help

I have a functioning web application built using ionic and I can run through the whole thing without problems when I run it inside grunt or off a web server, but when I attempt to build it into a mobile app using cordova / phonegap / or phonegap build, it breaks and all I can see is the side-menu.

I’ve attempted to use the Chrome remote debugging to try to figure out what the problem is, but even when it sees the connected device, Chrome doesn’t allow me to inspect the app for some reason. I have no idea where to even start to try to figure out what the problem is here. Any help would be appreciated.


I’d recommend running the app in the iOS emulator and then using Safari’s dev tools to connect to the iOS emulator’s active browser instance and debug from there (with full support for console, JS debugging, etc.).

Would love to, but I don’t have a mac, so I can’t use the iOS emulator. Using Chrome the app works fine. It also works fine using the phoengap emulator (with the exception that I can’t login or create an account because firebase is looking for an https:// connection and the emulator is http://).

You can try adding an exception handler like below in app.js. You will know if there is any JS error. Does your phonegap build use same JS files or is it minifying the files? Sometimes, you will get errors when minifying angular controllers/services if dependencies are not mentioned properly.

$exceptionHandler: function(){
var handler = function(exception, cause) {
console.log(exception.message, cause);
//I need rootScope here

this.$get = function() {
    return handler;


Minification occurs prior to the phonegap build.

The system was initially started using a pre-beta ionic seed but it has come a long way since then. It currently uses 1.0.0-beta.8 and the most recent release of firebase.

I do a grunt build on the files and then serve those minified files through apache with no issues or errors. I truns through with nothing more than an https issue as well.

Will attempt to add that exception handler, but not sure where it goes. Do I need to replace that “//I need rootScope here” comment with anything?

This above fix isn’t showing me anything when I load the app. Adobe PhoneGap support seems to be indicating that the issue is with the ion-side-menu tags not being valid html. Has something changed there? I’ve used these tags since the initial beta release without issue, but this problem has only come up since I updated to the beta 8 version.

I’m having similar problem. Any solution, yet?

My app is working, though I have no idea what the fix was. I essentially re-built it completely from the ground up. Second time around I didn’t use the cordova / ionic starter, so maybe the issue was in there somewhere. Also, my Eclipse installation is messed up, so I’m relying on PhoneGap Build.

I have been trying to figure this out for the last 2 days. It seems to be problem with how phonegap build service runs angular factories and services. Becuase when I build the Ionic starter (sidemenu or tabs) app it seems to work fine. And as soon as I add a service, everything goes wrong. However when I use Appgyver Build service it works just fine.
I hope I’m wrong. But if anyone can share a working example of phonegap + Ionic + services/factories, that will be helpful for me.

what version mobile os?
what are you using to build (command line, eclipse, adobe phonegap build)?
what device are you testing with?

My app doesn’t work on the android emulator, but it functions on the device. Think the problem is with eclipse or the emulator.