Ionic Payments App using RESTful APIs need help

I am attempting to build a payments portal, as far as building an app is concerned i am able to get around it ok, however the portal requires authenticating and displaying data from a set of RESTful APIs. The APIs are built according to REST standards and practices. Endpoints are resource-based and use standard HTTP authentication, verbs, and error/status codes. All request and response data interchange is formatted using JSON, including error messages, which are returned in the JSON response body (along with appropriate HTTP response code). I need someone to get me started, build the login and display some formatted data.

You mean that you want someone to make for you simple app that will login-in user and display data from your’s REST?
The app should be nice in look or you just want to see how to use different component’s?

what i would like is someone to complete the login authentication and build the landing page which displays list of data pulled from the API.

and how fast you want it to be done i mean what is yours deadline?
did you start any project or its from scratch and which platform?

2 weeks, i have not started it, i have mock ups, that is about it