Ionic Page

I created SecondPage and deleted ion-header etc. Now there is only ion-content etc.
My question is - how to from clicking button or anything else load SecondPage but changing only ion-content in HomePage (not the whole page). So ion-header and navbar cannot be touched.

What exactly do you mean by that?

Sorry for using Paint ;p.
I need to make an animation in header - that’s why I cannot reload whole pages. Opening a new page will stop an action.

Or maybe there is another way to achieve the goal :)?

Hmm… now I understand.

I don’t think this is really supported by Ionic.

Of course you could “just” replace the whole content of ion-content (or actually switch over to another ion-content) but then all the content would be in that one page. Works with 2, maybe 3, but after that it gets nasty.

But how can I replace the whole content of ion-content programmatically?

Can you put your header in app.html?

Even if I put these things in app.html it doesn’t change anything at all.
Loading whole new page will reset and that header will dispear. I need to replace content of ion-content with new content from another page.

If you are not using the default header functionality, then you don’t actually need to use ion-header, right? Can you maybe put some code in app.html as @rapropos suggested instead of a normal header?

If the content is in a variable, change the content of that variable.
If you have multiple ion-contents, make one invisible and the other visible.
(No idea if any of this works - but that is where I would start to play around)