Ionic Package Script to Build and Download

Before I re-invent the wheel, has anyone made a script to

  1. Send a project to Ionic Package to be built
  2. In a loop - Monitor the build status for success / fail
  3. If success then download the package and exit with a success code
  4. If failed to build, then print the failure and exit with a fail code

Would be great to script it every time I want to build. At the moment I’m just firing off individual commands, but as the build can take some time, I’d rather set and forget.

Just for reference if anyone is interested after I’ve downloaded the package, I send it off to AppSendr, then email the install link which I then forward to beta testers.

So that part is scripted, I just want to script the package and download part so I can run a single command, have a coffee, then check my email for the update :slight_smile:

Cheers, Ryan