Ionic package change plugin



I have changed one plugin manually and I want to see the changes with ionic package but i got fails?

Any idea about this?



As it says in error number 4, line 3, you need to paste the errors in here so we have any clue what’s going on. :slight_smile:


The error is with Cordova plugin firebase analytics I got the below error

Not find module …/…/node_modules/xcode

I found that the error become in Xcode path but I changed it!

And build again with ionic package but o got the same error in the build .

I think that no realize about the changes and build the old plugin not modified!


So you modified files in the node_modules folder? You’re not supposed to do that, try deleting the folder and run npm install in the project root (where the package.json is) and see it it works. If it does, we can discuss the change you made to the plugin and find an alternative.


No no, I modified plugin inside plugins folder


That’s not really ideal :confused: Reinstall and try to explain what you changed and why.