Ionic opening external app

I’ve had a hunt around the forum, but can’t seem to find a lot.
In Ionic 1, I’m using [Startapp]( to open Instagram.

I’d like to know what the best method for opening an installed app on a users device is for Ionic 2.
Ionic Deeplinks seems to be for personal applications? And with the inapp browser doesn’t work for Android in my testing.

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Maybe you can use this plugin but I’m not sure at all.

Install plugins

ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser
ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-appavailability
ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-device


import { InAppBrowser, AppAvailability, Device } from 'ionic-native';

And use

launchExternalApp(iosSchemaName: string, androidPackageName: string, appUrl: string, httpUrl: string, username: string) {
	let app: string;
	if (Device.device.platform === 'iOS') {
		app = iosSchemaName;
	} else if (Device.device.platform === 'Android') {
		app = androidPackageName;
	} else {
		let browser = new InAppBrowser(httpUrl + username, '_system');

		() => { // success callback
			let browser = new InAppBrowser(appUrl + username, '_system');
		() => { // error callback
			let browser = new InAppBrowser(httpUrl + username, '_system');

openInstagram(username: string) {
	this.launchExternalApp('instagram://', '', 'instagram://user?username=', '', username);

openTwitter(username: string) {
	this.launchExternalApp('twitter://', '', 'twitter://user?screen_name=', '', username);

openFacebook(username: string) {
	this.launchExternalApp('fb://', 'com.facebook.katana', 'fb://profile/', '', username);

Thanks so much! Any idea how I can open just the application, not on a username? I’ve tried removed the “Username” argument, and setting the open to “instagram://app”, but doesn’t seem to want to open, with no errors.

According to Custom URL Scheme seems like “instagram://app” should work on iOS.

If not, you can use lampa.startapp plugin as you mentioned above.

If it’s not definitions for TypeScript, you can try approaches as described here.

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Also read ios-9-not-opening-instagram-app-with-url-scheme.

Thanks, yeah found the fix for this in Ionic 1 (editing info.plist with LSApplicationQueriesSchemes).
Problem at the moment is opening Android, will try with Startapp as you suggest.
Thanks again.

On my side fb://profile/pageusername is not working

On my side fb://page/pageusername is working.

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Hi Nicksmit Kindly tell me what kind of modification you did in LSApplicationQueriesSchemes, as I need to integrate facebook messenger through my ionic1 app.

@eivanov It worked for me, in IONIC 3 PROJECT…

Do you know how to open an iOS App without know the Schema Name (By example, this app: ?

Gosh, still works in Ionic 3

@eivanov I want to launch installed application on button click action, button is present on the page which is opened using in-app-browser in my application.
I am using Ionic 3. Can you help me…?

@praful21 I managed to make instagram open but couldn’t make Unity3d open. Maybe my code is useful for you

 import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { NavController, NavParams, IonicApp, Platform, Alert } from 'ionic-angular';
import { InAppBrowser } from '@ionic-native/in-app-browser';
import { messaging } from 'firebase';

export const myConst = {
  InstaApp: {
    ios: {
       //storeUrl: 'itms-apps://',
       appId : 'instagram://app',
    android: {
      // storeUrl: 'market://details?',
       appId: ''

  selector: 'page-augmentedreality',
  templateUrl: 'augmentedreality.html'
export class AugmentedRealityPage {
  Coordinates: any;
  constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public navParams: NavParams, public plt: Platform) {}

  ionViewDidLoad() {
    console.log('ionViewDidLoad AugmentedRealityPage');
    if ('ios')) {
      let appId = myConst.InstaApp.ios.appId;
      let appStarter = (window as any).startApp.set(appId);
      appStarter.start(function (msg) {
        console.log('starting ig app: ' + msg);
      }, function (err) {
        // If app is not installed, this will open url to download
        console.log('ig app not installed', err);
        //, '_system'
        // );
        let msg_err = "Application is not found";
    } else {
      let msg_err = "Platform not supported";

@scarffy Hi, thanks for the code…its very helpful, but I am not able to launch the app from in-app-browser.
Scenario - I have pages (HTML/Angular) from server rendered inside my app using in-app-browser and want to open native application from these pages.

With the above code I manage to launch external app from my app but not from in-app-browser pages.

Remember add this to your config.xml, in iOS platform (to open the app, and not the browser):

  <platform name="ios">
    <config-file overwrite="true" parent="LSApplicationQueriesSchemes" target="*-Info.plist">

Also, for get my facebook page id, i got from this So, the link for open Facebook app is fb://profile/177102365662505


It works with the apps in the example, but if I need to open another app, how do I know what the app url is?