Ionic on all devices

Currently I am looking around for the right choice of technology to start the development of my point of sales app with to use in my restaurant. Obviously I want to go with Ionic but I fear that some things will be holding me back a bit, based on what I have read so far and just looking for some feedback on which way to go.

Basically what I want to create is a universal app that has interfaces on tablet and phones like in the included pictures. Pretty much your standard setup for a point of sales app. I would also like the app to be available in a desktop browser for backup reasons, should the mobile devices fail, in a live environment not just on my dev pc.

Now obviously I am not worried at all about the phone interface as this is where Ionic excels at but I am worried about the tablet interface and running it into a browser. Is Ionic still a viable option with these requirements or am I going to hit a brick wall at some point should I continue.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.