Ionic nested tabs and same structure

I have an app with 4 tabs, one of them is “Forums”.
In the “Forums” tabs, I have 2 differents forums, with exactly the same features.

First I thought using nested tabs but I read on the forum that it could gave some headaches.
So I thought using segments but I don’t know if I can use VirtualScroll in segments…

And what about performance? Wouldn’t be better to have the 2 forums in differents pages?

I don’t know which logic’s the best. Any help?

Just an image to show what it should look if I use segments (but would be OK too for nested tabs)


That’s what I do in my app (tabs + segments on one tab) and it works pretty well.

However, if you expect to load huge lists, you should either think about pagination, or fake “infinitescroll” implementation.
Not to mention, you’d want a loading controller too.

Also in terms of code design, one issue that can arise is using segments on one .ts page, will overcharge the code on forums tab, but if it’s not the “home page” of your app it’s not a big deal.

Yeah I tried this wait but with the VirtualScroll, it seems pretty broken: :sob:

If you mean VirtualScroll for what I call “InfiniteScroll”, I found one script working once, but forgot the url sorry.
This is tricky, mostly because you use asynchronous calls all over (for data from database, plus all you app logic).

So finally I used the same view with just a different navParam and go from one to another.
So sad we can’t use Segments and VirtualScroll altogether.