Ionic Native Plugin Wrapper

Hi there.

I have a custom Cordova plugin that I would like to make available through ionic-native. I have cloned the ionic-native git repo and am attempting to use the instructions in the repository, but it isn’t going so well. I’m not sure if the document in the repository is out of date or if I am missing something. I don’t seem to be able to find much in the way of documentation on how to do this.

What I’ve done so far…

Cloned the github repo.
Installed several dependencies needed to get gulp to do its thing.
Created the plugin skeleton using gulp.
Installed several dependencies to get the build scripts to run.
Tried to run the build scripts.

What I’ve encountered…

The ngc command (or something nearby) stops with a command line prompt of “Name:” There is nothing in the developers document on what should be used. Just hitting enter generates a non-fatal error.

The build:modules script fails because it can’t find ./dist/@ionic-native/core/package.json. Creating the directory allows the script to proceed. It appears that it is not actually trying to do anything with the package.json file since just creating the directory is sufficient.

The dist directory gets deleted every time the npm run build command is invoked. I added a line to the script to create the directory, and that gets me past the problem described above.

If I just invoke “npm run build” the script starts building all of the plugins in the src directory. After building several of the plugins, the script freezes. Which plugin causes it to freeze appears to be random. If I run the build and just give it my plugin name, it starts building it and then freezes.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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