Ionic-native Firebase, onNotificationOpen breaks dynamism


I’ve managed to use onNotificationOpen in one of my tabs from my Ionic project.
Currently, my tabs are Home, Register, and Authenticate.

The code, in the authenticate.ts, contains the following code:

                .subscribe((res) => {
                    //; // Go to auth page

The “authenticationRequest” method is triggered, and for the moment performs two actions: display a fingerprint authentication popup, and display message/image according to the failure or validation of the authentication.

Currently, if I get the notification from ANOTHER tab or when the app is closed, I just have to switch tabs from X to “Authenticate”, and the process works like a charm.
However, if I uncomment the navCtrl line, or if I receive the notification while in the Authenticate tab, the fingerprint authentication popup will be displayed, but nothing will be updated regarding the text and images.

Could someone explain to me what the problem is? As a side note, I’m a real beginner with Ionic, and started like less than 2 weeks ago.

Bump, I still have no clue about a solution

this.firebase.onNotificationOpen().subscribe( notification => { () => yourstuff() );