Ionic Native Calendar modifyEvent for android

Hey there

I am implementing a 2-side synchronisation between my ionic 4 app and the native calendar of the phone. For this I am using these two plugins:

I managed to implement everything but modifying an event in the native calendar when I modify it in my app because there is only an ios compatible modifyEvent() function in the plugin. I know the event_id of the native event but with his plugin I cannot modify it. I thought about just deleting the native event and creating a new modified event, but again with this plugin I can only specify the title, location, start and end of an event I want to create and let’s say you have a native event in your calendar with attendees and other parameters which I cannot specify. I’d loose these parameters if I deleted the event and recreated a new one.

So 2 questions:

1.How can I modify a native event with this plugin?
2.Is there another more sophisticated plugin where I have way more options, like creating an event with specifying more parameters than the 4 above and modifying them later on and so on? I feel like with above plugin I am very limited to only basic stuff with the calendar, so there must be an option to do more.

Thanks a lot!

Push, would be amazing if someone that worked with native calendar integration could direct me towards a solution.

C’mon, am I the only one that used the native calendar plugin in depth or is my question just too stupid? Please help me :smiley: