Ionic native bouncing animation when scrolling

Hey guys! I have installed and ran ionic and cordova correctly but there is a problem with the animations that usually play in a web browser when you simulate swipe ( clicking the mouse button and dragging up/down ) . As far as i can see, there are animations of that when i ,serve" my cordova example project on localhost, in the Tabs app and the Sidemenu app.
The problem is, when i deploy this to my phone and tablet ( with the apk i get from the ant build uploaded on the phone ,haven’t tried otherwise ), both android, the animations don’t work. Do you have any idea why ?

Are you talking about the scrolling bounce?

This is disabled on android as it really isn’t a android ux feature that you see (though it should be)

You can enable it globally thought if you add has-bouncing="true" on any ion-content you have

I see. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: . Very helpful