Ionic-native 3.1.0 cordova-plugin-media documentation


anyone knows where is the documentation of ionic-native to use cordova-plugin-media?

And… how can I achieve this code below with new 3.1.0 version of ionic-native?

this.mediaPlayer = new MediaPlugin(         
    (status) => {
        console.log('STATUS: ' + status);

My index.d.ts inside node_modules/@ionic-native/media has no MediaPlugin object declared, only a MediaObject that no contains any ‘create’ method.

I think this file must export MediaPlugin instead of MediaObject. Maybe it is a bug @mhartington ?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve created a new github issue:

Looking into it the issue. Thanks for the headups!

Solved in ionic-native version 3.1.1.

Thanks for your quickly fix.