Ionic move between 2 page with swipe left and right?


when i want to back to main page left to right with swipe back


guys plz help me. tnx a lot


Please stop bumping your posts. It’s almost weekend and people aren’t around that - it’s impolite for all the people that are here and just don’t know an answer.

Also: I don’t understand your question, the sentence makes not much sense. What exactly do you want to do?


im sorry sujan if dont like answer me, not answering me.
i want back form detail page to main with swipe left like all app : whatsApp, telegram and …
when you chat with another person and you want back to main swipe page to left and dont nessary click to back button


Normally you swipe from left to right, or are you working on a RTL app?


no when i use RTL app , my app is very bad, slide not working,
my app LTR now


Then how should the swiping work?


swipe not working for me. now must click on back button to back to main page


i find it
you must change app.modules like here

IonicModule.forRoot(MyApp, {
        backButtonIcon: 'ios-arrow-back',
        backButtonText: 'Back',
        iconMode: 'ios',
        modalEnter: 'modal-slide-in',
        modalLeave: 'modal-slide-out',
        tabsPlacement: 'bottom',
        pageTransition: 'ios-transition',
        swipeBackEnabled: true,
        tabsHideOnSubPages: true


is the relevant bit?


yes. exactly and for swipe left to right use

modalEnter: ‘modal-slide-in’,
modalLeave: ‘modal-slide-out’,