Ionic list that contains label/input cannot be scrolled back up

This happens randomly and I am not exactly sure how to reproduce yet.
I have a list with a bunch of label/input elements. After the keyboard pops up, it sometimes happens that I get scrolled down to the bottom. Then, there is a large whitespace below the list. When I scroll back up, I do not reach the beginning of my page anymore, but I can scroll past the end of the page (because of this whitespace).

All I found out is that this happens when the keyboard closes. Instead of moving the page down together with the keyboard, the page sometimes ‘stays up’ and the whitespace is generated that limits me from scrolling back to the beginning.

PS: I am on Ionic 1.0.0 beta 14.I am not using any other frameworks.

EDIT: I can reliably reproduce this on my Android phone by clicking on an input field, then continuing to click the ‘enter’ button (the bottom right button on the keyboard that looks like an arrow to the right). That one leads to a jump to the next field. When pressed on the very last field, the keyboard closes, and the whitespace appears.

I’ve been trying to reproduce it on my desktop, but I cannot. Maybe it is directly related to Android or my keyboard (I’m using the stock keyboard on Android 4.2.2).
Please let me know if there is anything I can help to clarify the problem. I am able to use Chrome to debug my phone, but I don’t notice anything extraordinary (though I am a newb in html/css/js).


Just a bump. I have tried, but I am unable to fix this problem. Please tell me if there is any information missing in my problem statement. Thank you!

Hey there.
Can you put together a codepen for this?
I can take the codepen and make an android project based on it.

Is this project created from the CLI? Do you have the ionic keyboard plugin installed?