Ionic + Laravel for Live Streaming and push notification

I’m starting to build a new project that needs a mobile app for Android and IOS, so some time ago i used Ionic to create an app and i loved it. Now i’m actually more familiar with Laravel and i was wondering if i’m going to be able to use Laravel on the Back-End and still use library’s like Pusher and Laravel Echo but with a Front-End like Angular, as well as live video streaming.

Im working on a small security project so i need something that works fast, for the notifications and it’s easy to use like Laravel or Like Ionic and it’s strong enough to handle a live video streaming. Because of what i’ve read, Laravel is capable enough to make handle all the JSON files and could manage to connect to Angular but what it’s still not clear to me if it’s posible to make it work properly.

I’m use laravel and ionic. I used for notification one signal
How can i make live video streaming with ionic?