Ionic Lab Requests

Hey guys! Tried out the new Ionic Lab and I love it!

Best part about it is being able to debug and serve my app in it’s own dedicated window without using my browser which gets confusing as to which tab or window my app is in.

Two things I would love to see:

  • toggle on/off the first two columns (apps, actions/plugins) so it just shows the preview and gives more room to have the developer console open
  • an editable address bar so i can test routing or force the app to go to a particular page.

The second one is the most frustrating at the moment, because right now if i am on a sub-page of the app and I make a change to any page, the project live-reloads, loses app history and the back button. So I have to reload the entire app and start from the beginning each time. Restarting the serve just re-opens the app on the same page so that doesn’t work. Whereas if I was using Chrome to debug, I would just enter the address of the home page and start from there after it live-reloads.

Otherwise, great app! Thanks for all your hard work! :slight_smile: