Ionic lab for windows - how to install

I read the start page and the app promises single click app creation… so I assume I can instal this app, set up a demo project and Im away - however after I instal and try to run an app I get ANDROID_HOME not found.

Now if someone can point me to the detailed instructions on how to set up this one click solution (D’Oh !) - because whereever I lok on the internet all I can see is everyone extolling simple clicks and running was a breeze - however the ANDROID_HOME is not set up and there are no instructions on how to do this - never mind a warning on the website tht ionic lab doesnt work just yet.

I dont want to do a barebones instal - or as the front page suggests downloading the 14GB Visual Studio COmmunity

Come on guys this should be simple.

It SHOULD work out of the box - is it really that hard for the ionic lab to set up the ANDROID_HOME OR for ionic to document this - or throw up a warning that ionic lab doesnt work.

seems that the project was cancelled -