Ionic keyboard, textarea, tabs

Hi guys,

I have included this plugin and its working

I have ± this code (there is missing just the nav header)

Question 1: How can I set the textarea to be 100% height? (from the beginning until the tabs)

Question 2: How can I hide the tabs when I focus on textarea ? Because when I focus on textarea the tabs are somehow stucked in top of the keyboard and it looks horrible.

I am looking for some elegant solution so I don’t have to use some ugly workarounds.

Thank you and wish you a nice day!

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Hm, well for showing and hiding the tabs, you can use angular’s ng-focus and ng-blur to bind the inputs focus and blur events. Then combine that with an ng-if on the tabs and you can show and hide the tabs pretty easily.

As for making the textarea, it may not be an elegant solution, but it works :smile:

thx man. At the end when I was looking at your fork and trying to figure out what’s wrong with mine i realized the whole problem is in my tabs div was inside ionic content… I moved it outside and now it works nicely! :smile: so thx :wink:

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