Ionic Keyboard takes time to show and throws out error


I’m using a numeric keyboard for a specific input the first time I tap to use it, it takes a lot of time to show up. Meanwhile the console spits out:

Can’t find keyplane that supports type 4 for keyboard iPhone-Portrait-NumberPad; using 3876877096_Portrait_iPhone-Simple-Pad_Default

I’ve updated Ionic Keyboard to 1.0.4 and still get the error.

Any tips on getting this fixed?

I was using and changed it to type=“tel” but the issue still persists. I get another error tho:

Can’t find keyplane that supports type 5 for keyboard iPhone-Portrait-PhonePad; using 2870935746_Portrait_iPhone-Complex-Pad_Default

I’m guessing there’s something happening while selecting which keyboard to present, hence the lag to display it.

i have same issue also other one
THREAD WARNING: [‘Keyboard’] took ‘120.361084’ ms. Plugin should use a background thread.