Ionic, iOS: pushObject.on('notification') method is not triggered regularly

I’m using ionic push plugin to handle the push notification that is sent from google FCM. Below is the code that I’m using for registering and receiving notification.

pushObject.on('notification').subscribe((notification: any) => console.log('Received a notification', notification));

pushObject.on('registration').subscribe((registration: any) => console.log('Device registered', registration));

pushObject.on('error').subscribe(error => console.error('Error with Push plugin', error));

This is working absolutely fine on few iOS devices that I have tested (iPhone 5s, iPhone 7). But on iPhone 6s the


is not getting triggered all the time (If I power off and power on it works for some time, later again the method will not be triggered ). Though I’m receiving the notification, I’m not able to extract the payload data, and process it further. Is it due to some settings on the phone? or should I need to do perform any changes to that phone? Thanks in advance.

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