Ionic ios not working well

This is my first app on ionic 4 ios
I’m facing a weird issue
The app served well and working perfectly on the browser via ionic serve
But when I testing it on the simulator it wont work
The splash screen fired and gone and the top bar visible but no data, just blank app.
I tried to remote debug and found no errors on the console
I don’t know where is the problem
So I hope you can help me on this
Thank you

Any one facing this issue?

Are you using any plugins?
Have you checked they’re there?
Are you trying to do something before platform is ready that works on browser, but not in the simulator?

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Please try to remove ios platform and add it back to the project and test it.

  1. Go to ‘YourProjectFolder’/plugins folder and check each plugin folder . I am sure you will find empty plugin folders. delete those empty folders and re install the plugins.

  2. If you are using facebook plugin, check the console and add the required plist entries to the plist

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I solved it , but forget to update the post
It was a from cordova exit plugin
I removed it and every thing worked perfectly
Thank you

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