Ionic <ion-content> interferes with ng-click

I read that ion-content has its own scope, but not sure if anyone else has the same issue.

I have a form where u write content and ng-click=addpost().

However, it doesnt work when its wrapped within <ion-content class></ion-content>.

However I want the <ion-content> as I want the scroll. Does anyone have a workaround?

Can you share an isolated example of your code that has just the necessary parts? I use ng-click inside of ion-content regularly with no problems.

Replacing <ion-content class.....></ion-content> with <div class ...></div> works, but then formatting will go off, the whole screen will shift up and the navbar will hide the top part of the post content. More importantly, changing to

also means Ill lose the scroll function.

I had to use 5-6 lines of <br></br> to bring it down.

Appreciate your help, the complete code attached here: