Ionic io push

Hi guys!

I re-checked everything tens times base on this tutorial:

Client side seems correct anaylitics works correctly but ionic io push dashboard says push is not configured yet

Am I missed something?

Make sure you run the upload command for your GCM api key (for Android obviously), I think there is something for APN also. It took me awhile to find that step in the docs and digging around but it’s there somewhere. I wish I could find the link but I don’t have it handy. Sorry @hassan - here you go, run the command to upload your GCM key to and then you will have configured the push service.

Also, you might want to handle the other error in your logs for the users/identify request. I think you’ll want that working so you have users in Ionic.IO that you can configure push messages for easily.

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Thanks man!

It was really helpful!