Ionic installed but unable to verify first certification on ionic start

Ionic , node and npm are installed and ionic config also set ,but unable to verify first certification.

This is the error message you are getting?

thanks, yes.
that is the error exaxtly what iam getting.

anybody having a solution??? please…

You’re giving no information, so it’s impossible to help you. Probably your error is “first certificate,” not “first certification,” but I don’t even know that because you report nothing. If it’s a “first certificate” issue, you’re probably behind a proxy. But maybe something completely different is happening.

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I am providing the details below,

K:\AmalIonicCheck>ionic start
? What would you like to name your project: myApp
? What starter would you like to use: tabs
[INFO] Fetching app base (
x Downloading - failed!
Error: unable to verify the first certificate

I have the same error and my configurations are
Ionic - 3.20
Cordova - 8.1.2
NPM - 5.6
node - 8.12.0

can anyone help with this?