Ionic info

Hi there,

I don’t know how feasible is this but I reckon “ionic info” should give us more details about the setup we have…

We’re depending on so many things here I think we should have:

  • android version and installed packages (maybe same for ios/windows I’m not there yet…)
  • crosswalk version/status (installed or not installed)
  • cordova plugin versions
  • locally installed ionic client version
  • and basically all the stuff we dont remember we had to install and that are required for ionic to work properly…

Also we should have a warning if the versions are either not compatible or outdated. The product is still quite new, a lot of things change and it’s a part time job just to try to keep up with this. Having a clear view on what we have and what we should have would really help!

I’m writing this because I realised my Crosswalk was outdated, 2 cordova plugins too… and when you update one thing the rest is not working anymore, go ahead a figure out why!

I love ionic but there’s a bit of guesswork involved here and there and it’s quite time consuming!


+1 It would be great to have more informations. I exactly just had the same issue (bug due some outdated plugin).

Those all sound like good ideas.
If you want, feel free to write up a PR to get this added.

That’s cute!

No seriously, your product is awesome and I’d do it but I just remembered that:

so just keep me posted when it’s done :wink: