Ionic infinite scroll threshold issue


I’m using the ionic infinite scroll plugin and want it to trigger a bit before what it does on default. I saw you could pass the threshold property and either give it pixels or percentages (15% being default).

However even ramping it up to 90% still waits till the very last moment to start loading (seen by console.log in the doInfinite(infiniteScroll) function.

Here is the html:

    <ion-infinite-scroll threshold="90%" (ionInfinite)="doInfinite($event)">
        loadingText="Loading more data...">

Any ideas ?

With best regards,

Hey Robin,

Have you managed to solve this issue? :slight_smile:

No, its been a while but i remember their being a github issue saying it worked as intended but that did not make any sense.

Intresting. It worked for me right now once I putted px.


Still that seems like a weird number too me. Your loading will trigger 550px from the bottom ? This is a full screen on for example a iphone 4 or something but on a samsung note its only a small part of the screen.