Ionic Idea — Ionic Team Req

Ok, so I have a very small idea I think Ionic should create which will help make Ionic, App Development a lot better and easier for everyone.

The idea is that; Ionic CLI should be rigged to generate an Ionic Distributed iOS version of finalizes apps for those who don’t have accessible Apple Computers.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that uses Ionic that doesn’t nor can get an Apple computer or Developers License at the moment.

So, it’d be really nice if Ionic could help the Ionic Family out by allowing us to destribute our apps to the Apple App Store without an Apple Computer through the CLI.

Subsplash designs apps for Churches and distributes them under the Subsplash Apple Developer account for publication.

Also, it’d obviously be great if we could request the app be removed from the Ionic Developers side (publication — all done through the CLI) that way we could regenerate our app and distribute it for publication on our Apple Developers account if we ever manage to get our hands on an Apple Computer for our person publication needs.

Umm… you realize ionic doesn’t own Apple and has no control or influence over them… They didn’t make this up, Apple locked down development.

They do have cloud building though that lets you do builds on cloud Apple devices, but that is the best you’re gonna get.

I second the OP’s unintended original notion that it would be awesome if they did. But yeah, this post belongs in the wishful thinking category unfortunately. Apple’s “lockdown” is infuriating.

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Apple treats devs terrribly, imo. I think that will change, though, as Android continues to gain market share.

Wishful thinking indeed that a truly dedicated framework company would push their extent on App Distribution.

Yeah, Android has one very dominant OS they just need to understand variables that set them aside from Apple then dedicate theirselves to them to destroy Apple in the future. Apple is so strict, has a huge security hole and tries to parent their customers. Quite annoying.

Neither does Subsplash, but they still distribute apps for their customers. The idea is for them to place our app on their master Ionic Family Developer Account for those who can’t get it done at the moment.