Ionic http using preflight request breaks web api

Hi there, i have an issue, i’m using angular’s http and an express Web Api, it works when i make the request from a DHCP testing client, but when doing from ionic 2 it sends a preflight request that breaks in some url’s and it doesn’t in other urls, how do i debug this? is it even an ionic 2 issue?

If random requests are breaking your web API, it is definitely a problem on the API.

FWIW I’m using an express backend with Ionic 2 and haven’t had any problems.

The issue here is that the request 1 breaks, but the request 2 works always as expected, it’s not random, those 2 routes breaks and works consistently, and the code is very similar.

The other issue is that i didn’t made the api, i have access to the code but i know virtually nothing from express.