Ionic help needed

I am creating an app in phonegap for daily news, I am storing my news details to amozon s3 server.
So in my app home page i am displaying all news list. User can read news in both offline and online mode.
I stored amozon s3 file link in my database. So for fetch the news detail i called the s3 file and get its details.
When my app load i am fetching all news list and store it to my local database(sqllite). For getting all news details i am excuting all list in a loop(one by one) and hit a http request for fetch the every news details.
The problem is that if i have 500 news list, then each time it iterate to 500 time and call the http request 500 time. That decrease my application proformence.(Some time http request failed and i am getting few news list details and then user can not able to read news in offile mode).
Can You please tell me any better solution for it.