Ionic Google Maps is not working getting error - GoogleMaps [deprecated] Please use GoogleMaps.create()

But I use the key in the api key page.
I have checked int he config.xml and the package.json.
The only doubt I have is that this key has to be configured not be without restrictions but configured to be used in a specific Android app.
For that I’m not sure how to find the package name in order to use keytool.

I’ve found that the package is “io.ionic.starter” and I’ve created an SHA-1

“keytool -J-Duser.language=en -exportcert -alias androiddebugkey -keystore debug.keystore -list -v -storepass android”

I’ve inserted them in the

But… still nothing has changed

This plugin does not use the Google Maps Javascr API v3.

Infact I’m using Google Maps JavaScript API, the only one API avaiable in the library.

You need to enable the GoogleMaps Android API v2 and the Google Maps iOS SDK, then regenerate an api key

I had the same issue like @IngIku: a yellowish square box instead of google maps. My mistake: I had generated a Google Maps API key for Javascript and not for Android.

I was not aware that there are different API keys for different platforms/technologies.

Could you please send me the html code, I followed your ts code but It didn’t work.

Hi there… i’m getting the exactly same behaviour… shows the map but just th google in the bottom and gray maps… how you solve it?

Hi… i doubled checked this twice and getting same thing… can see the google log at the bottom but does not load the map.

I have and key without any restrictions and gives me this same error. any ideas?

… can see the google log at the bottom but does not load the map

It’s your api key problem 100%.

You are right… i created a new api key, removed the plugin and installed again with the new api key… i restricted this keu to android gmaps as well… and is working now… still having another issue… where when i try to show a polygon it close the app… you know how can i get logs, details about that?