Ionic + GoInstant

Hi everyone,

Anyone have any experience integrating Ionic with GoInstant ( GI is a neat service that also has AngularJS integrated in it, and offers lots of handy services, components, and widgets. A little bit of Firebase and Parse - easy ways to persist data acoss multiple simultaneous users/connections - in real time.

I’m considering using Ionic for a collaborative mobile app. Originally i was thinking of basing it on a MEAN stack, but from reading the comments here, this doesn’t sound like a great idea. I suppose it’s easy enough to add MongoDB and Node.js as server-side elements and build a REST API for these. Having Bootstrap integrated would also be a big plus. And of course PhoneGap | Cordova |, with which Ionic interoperates well.

But, GoInstant has many of the same real-time, synched data-persistence features as Parse and Firebase, as well as easy-to-use authentication componentry and other widgets (like chat), so it’d be great if it were possible to use GI with Ionic. And thus my question - whether anyone has tried this, or whether anyone can foresee difficulties trying to do this.

Thanks a lot!

Not too sure about GoInstant, but people have had a lot of luck with Firebase.

I’ve tested Firebase and GI and for a while I was going with GI because of the space given and connections in the free plan (2GB vs 100Mb, 100 vs 50 connections). They’re really similar, both have integration with Angular (AngularFire and GoAngular). I chose Firebase because they have a simple login with e-mail and password, which GI don’t.

Besides that, GI is great and if you’re developing a collaborative app, I think you should use it. It has specific implementations for that.

@mhartington, thanks for your observations. Yes, I like Firebase a lot, but it doesn’t have some of the integrated componentry (like the Collaboration Bundle) that GI has, which is the particular reason I’m interested in GI. Of course you can build that yourself, but why re-invent the wheek. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply - appreciate it!

@VytorCalixto, thanks for your comments. Yes, currently GI does not have the simple email+password authentication. But they will soon. From their site: “Yes, we do have plans to add this sometime in the future. Native auth using username and passwords is on our roadmap.” This was said 3 weeks ago, so “sometime in the future” could be a long time, too. And, i agree that this is an important service to offer.

But from your comments I gather there were no issues in using Ionic with GI; this was my main concern, and sounds like it’s not an issue, which is great news for me.


Hey There, How are you making out with this? would love to know more about what you’re doing!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch -, @GoInstant, or