Ionic framework with Android Tablets

We were thinking of using Ionic Framework for our hybrid application. I came across few points and wanted latest developments for same so that we can select this powerful framework for our application development.

  1. Targeting Android Tablets? What is the limitation for running on Tablet? Is that the applications wont run or it runs as it runs on normal Android phones? Just that few UI features are not supported [as of now? Is there any target date? ]
  2. Performance of application?

If some one can elaborate us on these topics then we can go ahead and start with this wonderful framework.


Ionic does not differentiate between phone and tablet… what will be working on phone will also work on ur tablet.

you might want to look at responsive web design to cater multiple device screen resolution.

performance will be dependent on what you do in ur html. If the UI itself is maintained light enough, there wont be any problem with the performance