Ionic Framework Slows Down When The Html Pages Increase


I am developing an application with cordova,ionic framework and angular.js. I have a doubt with ionic framework. I have around 20 different html pages and I am fetching these pages via ui-router.

My doubt is raising right here. When the pages increase, application slows down.

But in Jquery mobile, this is not happening.

This shouldn’t happen, but no way. It is happening.

Any suggestion is very welcome.

Thanks in advance…


There could be few things going on here and its hard to isolate the issue.
Is there anyway you could share some code?


Actually, I realized something. When I add phonegap-googlemaps-plugin ( ) to the project, it completely slows down the device. I deleted it, now it runs properly.

But there is one more thing that is strange. If the project is only google maps and contains one html, it is OK. If there are more html pages , then it is getting confused. I can share the code if you can give me an email. ( because project shouldnt be shared in public ).


Hmm, I’ve setup google maps with a multipage app without any issues.